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With our long-lasting experience in China we will advise you and share our experience to make sure that you take the best decision when it comes to enter in Chinese Market.

Offer & Demand Analysis

Wine & Spirits demand in China has been surging since the 21st century. It became one of the world’s major market for this business sector. However not every offer match with Chinese tastes and it is essential to realize a first analysis.

  • Full-access to our Market Study
  • Introduction to China’s Demand
  • Analysis of your Offer


It is in our best interest that our clients succeed when they get in China.  We provide a full support in your decision-making process.

  • Share of experience with concrete examples
  • SWOT Analysis


One of china’s biggest risks when it comes to enter this market is the lack of network relationships. With our support, we ensure an optimization in terms of Cost & Delay.


Brand-building when it comes to Chinese Market is something that must not be ignored. We provide a large range of tools to adapt your image and offer to Greater China’s demand.

  • Full Access to our manufacturer network
  • Introduction to Greater China’s Demand
  • Brand Image Communication
  • Product Development


Importation process may be complex when it comes to Chinese customs. In possession of import license, we ensure a smooth and fully reliable service.

  • Full Access to our transport & logistic network
  • Assist with the payment of import duties
  • Procurement of the health certificate issued by the Sanitation Administration Department
  • AQSIQ Registration


We provide a critical understanding of the retail landscape and focus on our client success. In order to do so we take care of connecting the right producer to the right retailers.

  • Full Access to our retailers network
  • Product Merchandising Strategy

Brand Representation

Selling wine & spirits in China requires a full-time presence in the country, language skillset, and business ethics understanding. Working with us is the guarantee of engaging and keeping business relationships at its’ best.

Set up in China

Depending on your needs and decision, you may require setting up a representation office or hire staff. We will assist you for this big step.

  • Set up of Trading / WOFE / Reprensentation Office
  • Staff Hiring

Brand diffusion

Our support is always on long-term basis. After setting up we take care of the good development of your activity.

  • Participation to Asia’s biggest exhibitions
  • Brand registration and protection
  • Translation service
Ulysse International will make your Asian Business Development step-up.
Working with us is the guarantee of avoiding China’s markets risks and optimizing your Asian development Cost & Delay.